Ropox Medi

Posted on November 17, 2011

Free-standing or wall-mounted nursing table. The height is infinitely adjusted from 65-100 cm by means of a hand control in a spiral cord.
Medi is available without or with sink to the right-hand side and furnished with two wire baskets underneath the tabletop. The nursing table
with sink is delivered with cover plate, mixer tap with scalding protection, flexible connecting hoses and draining hose with water trap.

Height: 65-100 cm
Max. load: 50 kg
Sink: Stainless steel, 40×34 cm

40-25610 free-standing without sink 90×80 cm
40-25620 free-standing without sink 90×73 cm
40-25650 free-standing with sink 130×80 cm
40-25651 free-standing with sink 130×80 cm
40-25660 free-standing with sink 140×73 cm
40-25661 free-standing with sink 140×73 cm
40-25630 wall-mounted without sink 90×80 cm
40-25640 wall-mounted without sink 90×73 cm
40-25670 wall-mounted with sink 130×80 cm
40-25680 wall-mounted with sink 140×73 cm

40-25702 2-step, height 30 cm
40-25703 3-step, height 43,5 cm
Enables the child to climb the nursing table on its own.

40-25797 size 80x75x3 cm (for model 40-25650, 40-25670)
40-25792 size 90x75x3 cm (for model 40-25610, 40-25630)
40-25793 size 90x70x3 cm (for model 40-25620, 40-25640, 40-25660, 40-25680)

Side covering:
40-25780 size 80×35 cm for tables, depth 80 cm
40-25781 size 73×35 cm for tables, depth 73 cm
Recommended to avoid squeezing when more nursing tables are mounted/placed beside each other.

Bed guard:
40-25707 for the tabletop end.

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